Charcoal Labrador Puppies


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 Britney/Opi girl Charcoal born 6/3/14 SOLD
Britney boys Charcoal born 6/3/14! 
Smoke (Charcoal Lab)140 pound teddy bear!!

Silver and Charcoal Kennels offers the best charcoal labs for sale you can find. With health guarantees on our charcoal lab puppies, you can rest assured that your puppy will be free from genetic defects. Our charcoal labs are of the highest quality available.


Once your new charcoal lab reaches 8 weeks old, we can ship your puppy to you. Charcoal Labradors are truly man’s best friend. For more information about our Charcoal Labradors for sale, please call (662) 299-5435.