Charcoal Labrador Puppies


About Charcoal Lab Retrievers

Charcoal labs, a very rare color of labs, are also a very popular color of Labrador puppies. The charcoal Labs for sale with Silver and Charcoal kennels are all adorable bundles of dark, soft fur.

Charcoal labs, like all other Labrador retrievers, originally descended from Newfoundland dogs. Fisherman developed the Labrador breed in order to have dogs that were happy to leap into the Labrador sea and retrieve nets and fish caught in fishing nets. Because they were bred to work hard, Labrador puppies, charcoal or otherwise, can make great rescue dogs. Their webbed feet that help them swim through water give them a distinct advantage when rescuing drowning people.

How to Reserve Your Charcoal Lab Puppy

The charcoal Lab puppies for sale with Silver and Charcoal kennels are not only bred for their beautiful charcoal coats and strong, retriever bodies, but their sweet and loving temperaments. Contact us today about taking home a new charcoal lab puppy for your family.