Champagne Lab Puppies

❤️CHAMPAGNES 2024!! UPDATED 4-18-24 

About Champagne Lab Puppies

Champagne labs, like red and white labs, often fall under the category of yellow labs, and champagne Labradors are becoming more and more popular. Our champagne lab puppies, other than being very cute and cuddly, have creamy, golden coats and light brown noses. Champagne Labrador puppies, like other labs, are friendly, playful, and ready to give their forever families plenty of love.

Your champagne puppy, as well as any other puppy from Silver and Charcoal Kennels will come with an American Kennel Club registration, a 2 year health guarantee, and 25 years’ experience, which can help give you peace of mind about potential health issues. Silver and Charcoal Kennels breeds healthy, beautiful Labrador puppies.

Picking out a puppy is a big decision, so why not have the most gorgeous dog on the block? A champagne Labrador has a stunning color coat and an equally bubbly personality. Take a look at the champagne labs for sale available on our Current Litters page. To make arrangements to purchase a champagne lab from the next available litter, please contact us at (662) 299-5435 or by email at