Current Litters

***New litter Athena/Opi born 9/13/15!! These are Silver and Charcoal!!

***New litter from Madison/Hoss born 9/18/15!! Males available!! These will be BIG!!

***New litter from Lola/Duke born 9/28/15!! Males/Females available!!

***New litter from Lizzie/Duke born 10/5/15!! Males/Females available!!

***FoxRed puppies born 10/6/15 from Penny/Copper!! These are extremely red!!

We are taking deposits for our next litters!!! Deposits are $250
Please call 662-299-5435 for more information!!

Charcoal lab puppies
Charcoal males from Athena/Opi litter!
Charcoal Female Lab Puppies
Charcoal females from Athena/Opi! Available
Silver Lab Puppy
Silver female from Athena/Opi! Available
Madison litter! Silver males! available
Silver Lab Puppy
Silver male from Athena/Opi! available
Madison litter! Silver girls! Sold





















Lizzie/Duke litter! Silver Males available
Lizzie/Duke litter! Silver girls! Available








Lola/Duke litter!! Silver males! Available
Lola/Duke Silver females!! Available








Penny/Copper litter!! FoxRed males/females








These are all AKC registered!!

If you want a Champagne, Charcoal, Fox Red, Silver, or White labrador retriever puppy, please contact us and make arrangements to purchase from our current litter.

Call 662-299-5435 or email us to reserve your puppy today!