White Labrador Puppies: No Longer Available


About Our White Lab Puppies- NO LONGER AVAILABLE

White lab puppies have iconic and sought after smooth, white coats. But don’t be fooled by their pristine fur. White Labrador puppies love running, jumping, and playing outside just as much as any other Labrador retriever.

Our White Labs for sale are bred to be athletic, and white lab puppies from Silver and Charcoal Kennel breeders are happy to embrace that athleticism. Our polar white labs have webbed paws and strong, rudder-like tails that propel them through water. Your new white lab puppy will love leaping into the water and swimming with her family. When summer is over, white labs are just as happy to play in the snow. But make sure you don’t lose your polar white lab when she blends in with snowdrifts! White Labrador retriever have slightly oily coats that keep them warm and dry, whether they just came in from a dip in the lake or an adventure in the snow.

The proud parents of many of the white labs for sale are from females like Cotton and Sugar and males like Ice. We love our White Labs and they love to play with our kids. Our labs love to swim with our girls too. Please click on our current litters page to look at all of the  white labs for sale that are available. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about our current white lab puppies, please contact us at (662) 299-5435.