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New Year, New Me, New Dog

“New Year, New Me”

I have so many resolutions for this new year that I am actually going to go through with!”

“No, this isn’t going to be like last year, I’m determined this year”

We all hear these infamous quotes every year when the first of January rolls around, wether it comes out of our own mouths, someone in our family, or we happen to hear someone talking in the grocery store. The resolutions and “this isn’t like last time” are everywhere, they’re inevitable. Other than goals for our diets or the gym, another pretty good resolution that is just as fulfilling as the others, is getting a new dog.

A new dog can start the year off in a great direction. Dogs can teach you and your kids many things.

– Responsibility

– Dogs are big responsibility, labs especially since they are a bigger breed. Getting a new dog means doing the required research to know everything about your new pup before you even purchase it. Buying a dog on a whim is never a good idea, these animals need space to run around, the proper love and attention, and the proper medical treatments for a long, healthy life. Ask yourself these questions before making this big of a purchase.

– Materials don’t really matter

– Dogs will play with almost anything and everything. That’s the beauty of them, you don’t have to have a brand name tennis ball or a five course meal to make them happy. They are content with what they are given. Just give them a good toy and the right food and they’re set.

– Forgiveness isn’t that hard

– Dogs are pretty forgiving creatures. Even if you just get done yelling at them for tearing something up in the house or using the bathroom somewhere they shouldn’t, a minute later they are back to licking you and loving you the only way a dog can.

– The little things are just as important

– Something huge does not have to happen for your dog to be happy, they live for the moment. Even if it’s just a fifteen minute walk down the street or a game of fetch, your dog will love you even more just for spending time with it. “It’s the little things.”

These are just a few of the many lessons that a new puppy can teach your family. It’s the New Year, which means a fresh start, and you know what they say, “new puppy for the new year keeps the doctors away!” I mean, I’ve never really heard anyone say that personally, but they should.. plus labs are great running/walking partners, your’e pretty much killing two birds with one stone. So start your research for your new lab puppy today, and when you finally get one, watch the fireworks of a new puppy/owner relationship bloom!


May your 2k18 be merry and bright!!